EA Is Planning to Remove a Game From Its EA Access Vault

FIFA 14 Is Getting Cut From the EA Access Vault

It’s obvious EA Access on Xbox One is one of the better gaming subscriptions out there, offering a growing library of free EA games for a cheap monthly or yearly price. Since its launch in 2014, games that enter the EA Access Vault have remained there, even older sports titles — that is, until now. EA has announced that FIFA 14, one of the first games that launched with the service, will be removed from the Vault.

EA Access

EA openly states on their website that the reason for removing the game is because they will be shutting down the online servers. This means players won’t be able to play online, access the Ultimate Team mode, or use in-gaming currency. It is worth noting that FIFA 14 will still be playable offline. This will all take effect on October 18th, 2017 including its removal from EA Access.

On that note, those that have FIFA 14 installed already on their Xbox One console can continue to play it offline, even past October 18th. However, deleting the game means players won’t be able to redownload it again.

“We’re sad to see any title leave the collection, and rest assured that we’ll do our best to limit removals in the future,” EA admits on its blog. “For now, we hope you’ll enjoy the other great games in our service – like all the latest FIFA titles – and we look forward to seeing you on the pitch.”

This all makes complete sense for EA to do. Subsequent FIFA games have entered the Vault over the years so it doesn’t make much sense to keep support for older ones, considering later games have made improvements. There’s no mention of other sports like Madden, NBA, and NHL having their servers cut, but we wouldn’t be surprised if EA does the same.

Are you an EA Access subscriber? How do you feel about FIFA 14 getting the boot? Comment below.