Dragon Quest XI Already Selling Like Crazy in Japan

Newest Dragon Quest Game Kicking Ass in Sales, as Expected

Now for some news sure to surprise absolutely no one. Dragon Quest XI has been in stores in Japan for less than a week and it’s sold over two million copies. Two million? Okay, that’s a little surprising. Those numbers were collected after two days, proving once again that Japan really loves Dragon Quest.

Dragon Quest XI

Those stats seem crazy high for 48 hours, but keep in mind that previous entries in the series have done as good or better. Dragon Quest IX moved over 2.3 million units in the same time frame, while the entry before that one earned 2.2 million. The tenth entry in the franchise didn’t nearly as well since it was an MMO (and not the usual turn-based RPG format), barely breaking 1.1 million lifetime sales. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Of those 2 million sales, the majority were for the 3DS version of the game. Again, this isn’t a huge shock given how much Japan loves portable gaming, but still worthy of note. It will be interesting to see which version sells more in North America (assuming we get both), since we tend to place console versions slightly higher on our priorities lists. Square Enix’s newest Dragon Quest game is on track for a 2018 North American release.