Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Adds Worst Dad in Spira to Its Roster

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade‘s Roster Grows to 28

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade, the multiplayer squad-based take on Dissidia FInal Fantasy series, just added Jecht to its growing cast in its August update. The Final Fantasy X brash ex-guardian brings a melee-focused combat style to the fight.

Jecht , of course, upped the ante on that tough, old Irish coach in Dodgeball by imparting this pearl of wisdom to his son, “You, with a woman? You can’t even catch a ball! Oh, what’s the matter? Gonna cry again? Cry, cry. That’s the only thing you’re good for!” He’s not the greatest dad, but that deficit may help him come up on top as he joins the Final Fantasy fracas with a reveal trailer that has him beating the living Hell out of Tidus.

His inclusion Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade matches up with his inclusion in the original Dissidia series on PSP as it’s up to the air which character will come next. The developers have noted that the arcade version will get the updates first before PS4 version, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. That said, it’s likely we’ll be seeing plenty of these newly added favorites in the console version when it arrives in 2018.

Source: Gematsu