Destiny 2 Pop-Tarts and Energy Drinks Are Coming This Fall

Very Small Parts of a Nutritious Breakfast, Assuming You’re on a Brightly-Colored Diet

Hey kids! Video games are great, right? All those crazy characters, boopin’ sound effects and bright colors? If you’ve fallen in love with the vibrant worlds crafted by Bungie, you’ll probably also love Pop-tarts and Rockstar energy drinks, now with Destiny 2 branding, for some reason!

Destiny 2 Rockstar Pop-Tarts Breakfast?

That’s right! Starting in September, Original, Punched and Zero-Carb (or Burner if you’re in Canada) Rockstar cans will come with Destiny 2 branding. On top of that, you’ll get the chance to redeem codes for in-game loot of… some sort. The site is sort of tight-lipped about that. Is it Rockstar-themed swag? Please, please let it be that exact thing. Buying the right flavours of Pop-tarts will simply get you an XP boost, but that’s cool enough, right? Who doesn’t love more delicious XP?

Think about the breakfast combinations possible with these two products! Okay, so there’s one combination and it’s the two things in a cereal bowl with a paramedic standing by. Still, I think we’ve stumbled onto a really special cosplay photo shoot opportunity here. Think about it: someone in full Guardian armour with the bowl in view, chunks of Pop-tart floating in a glowing mass of caffeine and taurine. Damn, I’m getting hungry just imagining it. Destiny 2 is coming to Xbox One and PS4 on September 6th, 2017. The game will also be coming out on PC October 24th, 2017.

SOURCE: Press Release