Cram Some Toy Soldiers in Your Phone with Mini Guns

Adorable War Simulator Mini Guns Out on Mobile Like, Really Soon

Are you ready to go to war, soldier? Well? ARE YOU??? I mean, if you are, this isn’t exactly that. It’s more like when you played with sweet army toys when you were a kid. Or last weekend, no one’s judging. It’s Mini Guns, the newest mobile military battle sim!

miniguns mobile game

Do you pick blue or red? Does it matter? Obviously it does. Maybe not beyond which is the clearly superior color (red of course), but aren’t these the sort of arbitrary distinctions that make war what it is today? Please don’t bombard us with extended treatises on what makes war what it is today. Or do, I’m not your boss. On the other hand, the blue tank has a much bigger cannon on it, and playground rules are clear on whether bigger is better.

Mini Guns has an upcoming release date of… Thursday! Yes, in two days you’ll be able to wage bloody warfare on whichever color army you have deemed inferior. Apparently these two armies have names? Awesome. You can either play as ‘The Republic’ or ;The Dominion.’ I guess one of these two cheerful squadrons of soldiers actually represents an overbearing corporate military force. Evil’s face is so… chipper. Delightful! Curious players can find this title on Apple, Android, Facebook and Kongregate app stores. Also there’s a teaser trailer below. Neat.

SOURCE: Press Release