Stunning Collection of Body Paint Cosplay is Undeniably Eye-Popping

A Collection of Body Paint Cosplay 

Welcome back to our weekend cosplay feature. This week; however, we decided to mix things up a bit. As you know, we here at COGconnected love cosplay but you know what is even more amazing than regular cosplay? Body paint cosplay! Yes, this collection of body paint cosplay is arguably better than anything we have seen from the “Queen of Cosplay” herself, Jessica Nigri. It may even top this crazy hot NieR Automata cosplay or this stunning Cindy cosplay from Final Fantasy XV. Without wasting any more time, let’s get to the first picture, shall we.

Body Paint Cosplay 1

Okay, this old school Tetris on a Game Boy body paint is pretty cool but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Keep scrolling…

Body Paint Cosplay 2

That Zero Suit Samus by Jessie Melero is super impressive and so is this sweet body paint cosplay:

Body Paint Cosplay 3