Upcoming Family-themed Roguelike Children of Morta Will Be Published by 11 bit studios

The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together

Children of Morta is an upcoming indie game from developers Dead Mage, and it features a peculiar family for a penchant for dungeon-crawling and demon-spawn destruction. Today, the developers announced that 11 bit studios (This War Is Mine, Beatcop) will help to publish the upcoming PC game which originally began as another Kickstarter success story raking in nearly twice its goal.

Children of Morta

The pixelated roguelike revolves around the mighty Bergson family who has guarded Mount Morta for generations. With Mount Morta going full-corrupt, the Bergsons must take arms to do combat with ancient evils and restore peace to the lands. According to the Steam page’s description, we’ll be able to play 6 family members, each with their own combat styles and skill trees too. Besides that, the dungeons will be procedurally generated to keep you guessing as you plunge into battle once again. Of course, the game will certainly appeal to those who still can’t get enough of the pixellated indie aesthetic.


Children of Morta will be available for hands-on gameplay along with other 11 bit studios’ Frostpunk and Moonlighter at Gamescom and PAX West:

Gamescom – Indie Arena, Hall 10.1, Booth A020

PAX West – Level 4, Booth #133

Source: Press Release