Hot New Footage Drops for Breakaway, Amazon’s Upcoming Arena Brawler

Scoring Goals and Cracking Skulls With the Whole World Watching

Amazon Game Studios and Twitch are putting their heads together to make sure upcoming action title Breakaway is a smashing success when it’s released. To that end, a new trailer has been cut for this year’s Gamescom event in Germany.


So what’s new for Breakaway? Well, they really want to emphasize the esports aspect of the game. This explains the Twitch partnership. Why just play a game when you could be earning notoriety and fame over the depth and breadth of your skills? For the uninitiated, Breakaway is a team-based sport that revolves around getting a ball into a goal. Also there’s some gratuitous violence involved. Sure, real sports are getting safer every year, but their simulated counterparts don’t have to. Matches are a scant four minutes long, just to make sure things never get boring. Not boring to play , certainly. But mostly not boring to watch. Make no mistake, this is a spectator experience.

If you’re curious enough to check it out, you can sign up for the beta here. There isn’t a concrete release date set, though an Alpha signup means we’re a ways away from a full release. Finally, the aforementioned trailer is embedded below. Crack it open and suck out the juicy marrow of information at your whim and leisure.

SOURCE: Press Release