Battlefield 1 Introducing Specialization Kits to Classes, Adding More Strategy

Battlefield 1 Deepens the Customization with Specialization Kits, Moving Closer to BF4

Battlefield 1 has been out for a year, and in that time, we’ve had fine-tunes, DLC, and new skins and weapons. What’s next? Well, if you look to the predecessor Battlefield 4, we’ve had one thing strangely missing, until now: specializations.

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Developer DICE has outlined the new setup for specializations, which will soon enter testing. The Reddit post emphasizes that all of this is not yet complete, stating, “[T]his is early in the development phase, so we’re hoping to get a lot of feedback and opinions.”

DICE producer Jojje Dalunde said, “Specializations are designed to give players more opportunities and diversity within each kit, not necessarily more power overall. Choices should provide more depth and strategy to gameplay.”

Specializations are divided into seven generic ones available to all classes and two kit-specific ones. Players will automatically have access to the Flak, Cover, and Quick Regen Specializations, while others will be earned through new Service Assignments. These missions are a new part of the upcoming “In the Name of the Tsar” DLC expansion and will be detailed “at a later time.”

Here’s my question: where’s my damned air superiority game mode? It’s time for the Red Baron to return!