It’s Batman Versus The Riddler in Newest Chapter of the Terrific Telltale Series

Ol’ Question Mark Man Has a More Sinister Se7en Vibe This Time Around

We’re just a few days away from the first episode of Telltale’s newest chapter in their pretty damn good Batman series. This next story seemingly features Batman versus the Riddler, though it’s more or less impossible for John Doe/The Joker to have a supporting role in any Batman story.

batman: the enemy within

While we’ve covered this newest Batman saga a bit already, the latest trailer gives a somewhat more in-depth look at Telltale’s version of old Question Mark Man and his antics. Turns out the Riddler is a bit more gruesome than I remember, at least. Dedicated fans of the comics can probably point to like, a dozen stories where he’s just as much of a murderous loon, but I haven’t read them.

All signs point to this being another excellent chapter in Telltale’s Batman series. Thankfully, we’ve only got a few more days to wait until the first episode drops. The newest trailer is embedded below. Check it out, why don’t you? All the screaming and potential head-slicing has a sort of ‘Saw’ vibe, albeit with a friendlier color palette. Also, there’s probably an actual Question Mark man in DC’s archives. Like, they couldn’t just have that name floating in the ether, they had to attach it to some hapless fool with a tragic backstory. Either way, look forward to our full review of Batman: The Enemy Within coming soon!

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