Absolver Shows Off Its Character Customization

Absolver Will Let You Don Raiden-like Hats

Devolver Digital dropped a new trailer for upcoming indie game, Absolver, the online melee action title, that gives us more insight in how players can kit out their fighter. While the character models themselves don’t change much aside from basic hair and color changes, the equipment system, however, looks promising.


Absolver is dizzying in terms of what players can wear: shoes, trousers, masks, belts, over tops, under tops, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow wraps, etc. Thus, players will surely be able to build the ideal fighter, aesthetics-wise. In an interview with Gaming Bolt, the developers said players will need to juggle between weight and protection when choosing equipment. Namely, more defensive equipment comes at the cost of stamina recovery and movement speed. The devs also noted that some attacks scale with player mobility, thus players can go for more a “glass cannon” build by risking a lower defense stat. Besides that, the trailer also shows each equipment comes with a blunt or cut stat too. While I’m usually more excited when loot offers abilities too, this looks like it’ll fit more in-line with the developers’ vision for the online combat aspect.

Absolver is coming out on August 29th for PS4 and PC.

Source: Gaming Bolt