Team behind DOOM Documentary Forming New Project for the Witcher Series

Filmmakers Will Explore How the Legendary Franchise Came to Be

One of the greatest games ever made is The Witcher 3, and this will prove a hard fact to dispute for some time to come. Even so, the previous installments of CD Projekt Red have all proven great in their own right. Which is why the series will receive its own documentary treatment.

Thanks to a team of indie filmmakers, Noclip, it looks like The Witcher will finally get the behind-the-scenes story fans want. Ever since the publication of the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher has developed a long and rich history. But this documentary series will focus solely on the video games.

Noclip announced on Patreon their intent to shine a light behind the critically acclaimed Witcher series. By crowdfunding their projects, they make them available for everyone to see. Past works include Doom Resurrected, the story behind Final Fantasy XIV’s rebirth, Rocket League, and more. Hence, you can check out their YouTube page and see that they will do The Witcher Justice.

In particular, Noclip wants to focus on CD Projekt Red’s artistic direction, development, and the history of the studio itself. This will be especially fascinating since the first and second installment’s of the trilogy were directly based on the books but the last and most popular title, Wild Hunt, is a story the studio practically built from scratch. Witcher 3 has gone on to sell over 25 million units.

Perhaps filmmakers will also explore The Witcher’s popularity as a result of the video games’ success. As we speak, a Netflix series is in the works to tell the story of Geralt. Thus, we may see more projects paying homage to Andrzej Sapkowski’s work in the future.