Tokyo RPG Factory Releasing Lost Sphear in January

Next Game From Tokyo RPG Factory Set to Drop Very Early in 2018

We were aware that the next title from Tokyo RPG Factory, Lost Sphear, was getting an ‘early 2018’ release date. Well, now we know how early. Very early! January, as a matter of fact. What a great way to start off the year, wouldn’t you say?

Lost Sphear Power Armour

Like the studio’s previous release, Lost Sphear has some clearly visible Chrono Trigger influences draped throughout. It remains to be seen how similar this entry will be to the previous one. Although, the newest batch of screenshots does feature your party wearing what appears to be power armour. If nothing else, that sounds like a pretty rad departure from I Am Setsuna‘s melancholy snowscapes and impending doom.

For those unfamiliar with Lost Sphear’s premise, your world is disappearing. Only with the power of memory can it be restored. As in, if you haven’t forgotten about it, then the world still exists. Which sounds like we’re still somewhat fixated on coping with death? Albeit the aftermath of death, as opposed to the inevitable approach of it. Also, there appears to be more variety of environment at play, so if you felt like I Am Setsuna was just too snowy, maybe Lost Sphear will be more up your alley. Hark, a trailer approaches! Click it to refresh your understanding of Tokyo RPG Factory’s dominant aesthetic.

SOURCE: Press Release