Gorgeous Metroidvania Sundered Launches on July 28

Sundered Still Looks Immaculate

While I can understand the fatigue from an abundance of Metroidvania indie titles (Dead SoulsChasmDeath’s Gambit, Skytorn, etc.), Thunder Lotus Games’ upcoming Sundered is still well worth your attention. While visuals usually only go so far for a game, the creators of Jotun have created a game that harkens to the wonderfully-animated and expressive cartoon drawing style of Don Bluth here. The release title for the game was announced today with it hitting PS4, PC, Mac, and Linus on July 28th.

Sundered Top Screen

While the Metroidvanias mentioned above have their own variants with the formula, and this one will feature procedurally-generated levels ala Dead Cells. That said, Dead Cells had a bit of tweak as certain areas like the sewer would have more narrow rooms in general for a unified theme through the randomized layouts. Besides that, Dead Cells was also a rogue-like where stage progress is reset with each death or run. For Sundered, the team has said that the structure of the world doesn’t change, but instead, its sub-sections will do most of the changing. Moreover, the sections gated by new traversal abilities will not be part of the procedurally generated dungeons.

To drum up anticipation, the game also released a new trailer today and it features some pretty intense moments too.

The game will release along with Supergiant’s Pyre (July 25th) to end the month with some indie game goodness.

Source: Gematsu