Go John Woo with Splatoon 2’s Newly Added Dualie Squelchers

New Splatoon 2 Update Sees the Return of an Old Favorite

Splatoon 2 players can look forward to wielding a weapon from the original as the “Dual Squelcher” returns with a new name, “Dualie Squelchers.” The weapon came in an update that went live last night for North America, and can be bought for 9800 coins from Sheldon over at Ammo Knights.

splatoon 2 global testfire

The fast-firing weapons will be kitted with the Point Sensor for a sub weapon and Tenta Missiles as the special. Besides that, unlike the original incarnation, they’ll be long-range and will be under the dual-wielding category. Like John Woo, you can even perform dodge rolls that puts your inkling out of harm’s way and return some ink in kind. Also, the dodge momentarily increase your damage output too! Nintendo released a GIF showcasing the weapon in action below:

We praised Splatoon 2 for its fast-paced fun gameplay when it was released earlier this month for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: DualShockers