Sony’s Poor Photoshop Attempt of Microsoft’s E3 Anthem Gameplay Demolished By Fans on Youtube

Photoshopped Version of Microsoft’s E3 Anthem Gameplay Met With a Lot of Criticism

Recently┬áSony uploaded in-engine Anthem gameplay footage on PlayStation’s YouTube channel and let’s just say it was met with an extremely poor reaction. This is likely because the footage was identical to the footage shown for the Xbox One X during Microsoft’s E3 press conference!



Well, maybe not identical, considering there was a shoddy editing job done replacing where the Xbox One X buttons used to be with PlayStation buttons. Of course, fans noticed right away that this was the same video, however it wasn’t until a few minutes into the video where they got concrete proof that the video was in fact the same one from Microsoft’s E3 presser, yet poorly edited.

While the video has been promptly removed, the proof of the edit can be seen at the 3:39 minute mark in the video, which someone has taken a screenshot of. As you can see below, someone simply edited the footage to overlay PlayStation 4 controls and there are frames where the edit fades to uncover both the original Xbox One X controls and the PS4 controls.

photoshopped anthem ps4 sony

While some fans called the edit “sneaky” many were not impressed. Of course it’s likely this isn’t the first time gameplay footage has been edited with swapped button prompts, however considering just how big the Anthem reveal was at E3, it would have been better for Sony to upload their own footage. And how do we know what it will actually look like on the PS4 Pro if we’ve only seen it on the Xbox One X so far? So far, Sony has yet to comment about the whole fiasco.

What do you think about the whole thing? Would Sony have gotten away with it if the editing was better? Let us know in the comments below.