Someone Hacked an Uber-Sword Into Breath of the Wild

Player in Question Claimed Said Uber-Sword Came From a ‘Glitch’

There’s a lot of weapons in Breath of the Wild. Some of them are weak, some are crazy strong, but none of them can take out the last boss with a single hit. At least, this was the case until someone stumbled upon what can only be described as an uber-sword through a glitch.

uber-sword Breath of the Wild

Okay, so this is most assuredly not a glitch at all, but some skillful hacking at work. There’s no way a crash at the exact right time can produce a god-sword with impossible stats. If this was possible, players all over the world would be working tirelessly to reproduce said glitch. The original poster, a redditor named Eastonator12 (who has since vanished) claimed the crash came after killing a Gold Lynel in the coliseum. Others have come forward with some damning evidence that maybe this is hackers’ work on display.

Yes, you can mess with game files to produce bizarre super-weapons of impossible strength, but where’s the fun in that? We want to see accidents and freak occurrences drum up these wonders. It just isn’t as interesting if you force said wonders to occur through deliberate manipulation of the game’s code. Although, seeing someone wipe the last boss off the map in a single hit is a little rad. If you’re at all curious as to what that looks like, you can check it out here.