SNES Classic Pre-Orders Were Up On Walmart for 30 Minutes

Followed By Cancellations, Technical Problems and Pitchfork-Sharpening

SNES Classic Pre-Orders are popping up in the wild. Like the previous version, these are skittish things that vanish in under an hour. The pre-order page at walmart went dry in a scant thirty minutes. On top of that, there are reports of people’s orders being cancelled. Ruh-roh.

In case you’re feeling confused, don’t worry! You’re not alone. There wasn’t really an official announcement of this happening, it just.. did? People found out, the order page crashed and they burned through their stock in minutes. It all feels rather familiar, doesn’t it? Now with the reports of cancellations going around, it’s hard to believe Nintendo actually followed through on their promises about more stock being available for consumers. So, is that it? Is the window just closed for this product already?

Well, the Amazon page just says unavailable at present, with an option to be emailed if that changes. Same with the Best Buy page. Maybe Walmart just jumped the gun? Either way, this paints a pretty grim picture for anyone’s chances of owning this thing. Maybe after the scalpers clean out their stock a few times, Nintendo will figure out what’s happening? If we get a hold of the actual, non-early/glitchy pre-order times, we will absolutely pass on this information.