Release Date and Trailer Revealed for ECHO – 3rd-Person Sci-Fi Thriller

Your Greatest Enemy Is You

From Copenhagen developers, Ultra Ultra, comes their debut sci-fi suspense title, ECHO. This is the type of narrative where you find yourself in space, and everything just wants to go wrong.


You are En, a callow space traveler who wants to restore the lost life of her past. You discover what looks to be a luxurious palace, the remnants of an ancient civilization. As you unravel the mysteries of its existence, things start getting a little lethal and unsettling.

ECHO is a character-driven story that lets you navigate the game world through a third-person perspective. With an interactive palace, you will find an environment very reactionary to your presence. Strange copies of En, ‘Echoes,’ spawn from every nook, and they want to eliminate you. This forces careful navigation that infuses stealth gameplay into the sci-fi plot. As stated in a press release:

“Your only respite lies in the sanctuary of a Blackout. As The Palace shuts down in order to update its deadly copies of En, you have a small window of opportunity to act without consequence. But beware, when The Palace comes back online, your pursuers will now be even more relentless.

The enemy is you.”

ECHO will release for PlayStation 4 and PC on September 19. It represents the work of devs formerly of IO Interactive, known for their work on the Hitman franchise. To learn more, you can visit Then remember to check back for game updates as we near release.

SOURCE: Press Release