PC Game Deals: The Surge, Civ VI and Morrowind Are a Steal Right Now

PC Game Deals: Amazon and Steam deliver the deals on some top titles this week

This week, we’ve looked high and low to bring you more PC game deals, and once again there are some doozies. First off, our own Nick Plouffe reviewed The Surge recently, and was impressed – and it’s now discounted bigly on Steam.

There’s also Civilization VI, an epic title with hundreds of hours of content – and it’s less than $35.00 right now. Trust us, you haven’t lived until you’ve been threatened with nuclear attack by Gandhi.

Check out the whole kit and kaboodle of PC game deals below!

pc game deals

PC Game Deals – Games:

pc game deals

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PC Game Deals – Computers:

That’s it for our deals from Amazon this week. Make sure to take a look at our PS4 and Xbox One deals as well. Until next week, happy gaming!