VR Oculus Rift + Touch Discounted $200 for a Limited Time

For a $200 Discount, You’re Getting More Than Just Hardware

When it comes to gaming hardware, Virtual Reality has proven the most expensive in the market (High-end PCs not included). However, anyone looking to engage with VR may have found their ideal price point in the new Oculus Rift deal.

Oculus Rift

As a result of their $200 discount, the Oculus Rift can be picked up for $399.99. A competitive price point against the PSVR. This deal includes the headset, Oculus Touch a remote, two sensors, and Xbox wireless controller. For those seeking Rockband VR compatibility, the set also includes a connector for guitar controllers.

But along with hardware, you get software. The deal includes seven VR games including Lucky’s Tale, Medium, Quill, Toybox, Dead and Buried, Dragon Front, and Robo Recall. All items are detailed on the official site where you can order the Oculus bundle.

Remember, this deal is for a limited time only. Oculus VR requires a good PC, with spec requirements also detailed on the Oculus page. The next good VR gaming hardware comes from the Vive, which costs $800. Therefore if you’ve ever considered getting into VR gaming, you may have just found your deals. But let us know your thoughts.

Does this bundle make VR worthy of your consideration? Comment down below.