Need for Speed Payback Trailer Details Sweet Car Customization

Build and Drive Your Dream Car

When it comes to a competitive-style game, one of the best things to include is customization. Which is why Need for Speed Payback has arrived with a new trailer showing off the ways to personalize your ride.

Customization goes a long way, especially in determining how you race. You have Drift, Runner, Drag, Off-Road, and old bare bones racing. Thus, how you outfit you care will affect vehicle performance and said performance will vary per mode.

However, customization is also about making things uniquely yours. Need for Speed Payback is introducing ‘vanity items’ to let players shape their vehicle aesthetic. Many of these have been present in past titles, but it’s more elaborate nowadays. You can read as much from EA studio, Ghost:

“There’s multiple types of vanity item on offer in NFS Payback, each one allowing you to customize your car with that little extra personal flavour; Underglow, Tire Smoke, Nitrous Flames and Air Suspension.

Need for Speed

“Underglow (or neons) have been one of the most requested features for any Need for Speed game so we’re incredible [sic] excited to be bringing you them in Payback. We can’t wait to see how you’ll incorporate them into your car designs, cruising around Fortune Valley at night has never looked so good.

“…Say you’ve built a car in cool blue, you’ve added some blue Underglow, so now the only thing that’s left is to complete the effect with some blue nitrous.

“How low can you go? Apply some air suspension and watch as your car lowers itself even closer to the floor. Switch off your engine and watch as your car all but sits on the floor. Slammed? You got it! Perfect for creating that ultimate Snapshot.”

Need for Speed Payback races to retail on November 10 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. In case you missed it, you can check out the story gameplay trailer from EA Play. Then check back for more news, updates, and gaming-related content.