Get Gored by a Minotaur in VR in Theseus

Theseus Heading to PSVR This Month

Theseus, the action adventure game about the futility of fighting a Minotaur in a very small space, finally has a release date. And it’s really soon! July 26th, to be exact. PSVR owners can now get even more excited about their upcoming opportunity to develop new, Minotaur-based phobias.

Theseus PSVR Minotaur Maze

The premise of Forge Reply’s game is as follows: you (Theseus) wake up in an unfamiliar environment, with only the disembodied voice of Ariadne to guide you. On top of the standard goal of not being gored by a beast with huge horns, there’s also some mysteries to solve. Why are you here? Who’s responsible for this predicament? How much does it hurt to be gored? Presumably you’ll find the answer to that last question a lot earlier than the others.

All of the footage in the trailer is in third-person, and in fact the whole game plays out this way. The developers address this decision to go third-person VR in a blog post. Everything that’s been published so far is bristling with confidence about the legitimacy of this technique. Unfortunately, it’s a design choice that’s difficult to communicate through trailers and screenshots. The true value in this system will likely reveal itself through gameplay, if at all. On the other hand, no first-person camera means no VR sickness, which is rad. All of the fear and nausea you experience will just be Minotaur-based. Lovely!

SOURCE: Press Release