Friday the 13th Devs Face Fan Outcry after Moving on to New Project

Update: Gun Media released the following statement earlier today:

“I wanted to address the concerns that IllFonic has abandoned Friday the 13th: The Game for Dead Alliance. This is 100 per cent not true. Most major and independent studios have multiple teams working on multiple projects at the same time. This is critical for the survival of the studio, especially with the ups and downs with the game industry. Dead Alliance was started way before Friday the 13th: The Game. It was a co-development by Psyop Games and IllFonic then titled Moving Hazard. Psyop Games released Moving Hazard to Steam Early Access well over a year ago and it gained interest from Maximum Games for a console port. We’ve had a team who remained working on what turned into Dead Alliance for consoles that has always been separate from the Friday the 13th: The Game team. IllFonic still remains a small studio to this day but we are growing.

With the recent success of Friday the 13th: The Game we have been increasing our staff on the title. We originally had about 20 internal team members working on Friday the 13th: The Game and are now up to about 30 internal team members. We also have opened a second office that sole purpose is to support development of Friday the 13th: The Game. In addition we are continuing to staff up more team members for continued support of the game. So we assure you, continued support for Friday the 13th: The Game has not been abandoned, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.”

Below, you can find the original story.

Players Fear Friday the 13th Game Will Be Left without Necessary Fixes

Friday the 13th Kickstarter campaign pushed developer Illfonic into the spotlight. Their game and its cult classic source material garnered a lot of attention. Yet, the project faced persecution even before its official launch. For starters, before releasing the game, it was made available to twitch users and YouTube personalities. Meanwhile, backers were thrown into a corner. Now, fans are furious after learning the developer is moving onto a new project.

friday the 13 the game Kickstarter Backers give devs hell

When Friday the 13th finally did launch, it was riddled with bugs and glitches (still is). So, the news that devs are moving on has players scratching their heads. How about fixing the first game before shifting gears?

Illfonic announced back in May that it was working on a new title. The title in question? Dead Alliance.

Apparently, the majority of fans never caught the announcement. And learning about it now, well, it has them wondering if Friday the 13’s issues will ever get fixed. On the official game forum, you’ll find some heated user comments that read as follows:

User |HeartBreaker|: “This kinda flew under everyone’s radar, understand that it’s Illfonic working on it, but aren’t they the backbone for this game? Is this going to stall production on F13 at all?” 

User Super Ty: “Well… there’s probably gonna be a shit storm coming Illfonic’s way once enough people realise this, and they don’t release the patch, or at least some info about it besides the usual ‘soon’, ‘we’re sorry’, and ‘we’re working on it’ bulls***.”

Developers have already assured that game fixes will come. They’re simply being vague when it comes to dates, which is why their assurance isn’t sedating fans.

Furthermore, publisher Gun Media has promised free single-player DLC. Unfortunately, this raises even more questions. Will Illfonic deliver the updates? It looks like we’ll have to wait and see. You can find the game on Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Everything considered, what are your thoughts on this Friday the 13th fiasco? Let us know in the comments below.