Atlus Releases Free Christmas-themed Costumes for Persona 5 … in July

Strange Timing as Persona 5 Goes X’mas in July

Hey Phantom Thieves, Persona 5 will be getting a whole lot more festive with Atlus just released downloadable Christmas-themed costumes for free. Regardless of the odd timing for this free DLC, let’s take a look at the costumes here. Morgana gets a shout-out here for having a snowman costume that makes the feline fighter kinda look like a moogle from the back. Best girl, Makoto, is rocking a more belts-and-buckles variant of a traditional Santa get-up. Not pictured below, the party’s hacker, Futaba, looks pretty cool in her Reindeer costume. Overall, not too shabby if you want to save the soul of Tokyo while dressed like Santa.

Persona 5

Last month, Atlus also dropped some free DLC maid and butler costumes for the huge JRPG which we glowingly praised. Like those free costumes, the X’mas costumes here don’t come with any BGM like some of the other paid DLC costumes for the game. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hear Jingle Bells after a fight with the phallic-demon Mara. While the title probably won’t get DLC content anytime soon, hopefully there will be an updated Persona 5 version like PS Vita’s Persona 4 Golden if it moves to Switch like many are hoping.

The new Christmas Costume Set is currently available for free here for PS4 and here for PS3.