Crackdown 3 to Look MUCH Better after Final Months – Expect 4K Footage Soon

After Years of Development, Gamers Are Baffled by Crackdown 3 So Far

Crackdown 3 didn’t really meet with the response Microsoft had in mind for E3 2017. Not only did the game’s graphics seem subpar, but, as Angry Joe put it in a review with Geoff Keighley, “I didn’t notice any building get blown up!” For some, the best part wasn’t even the game but Terry Crews’s appearance.

microsoft e3 2017

When more Crackdown 3 recently surfaced this week on YouTube, it did nothing to appease the fan base. Additionally, our own preview of the game found very little to redeem what we’ve seen so far. As a result, Community Manager Rukari Austin took to Reddit to allay the fears of Xbox users. According to him, “so much shine is added in the last few months.” Therefore, players should expect a much better-looking game come release time.

“Still lots of work to be done, as well,” said Austin. “Sure, you get to play the years of development card, but so much shine (not literal) is added in the last few months. Really incredible to watch, but your concerns are heard and understood from our end.”

As for what we saw in the E3 demo, we learn from Wccftech that agents were level 3 agility. As per usual, the level cap is 5, and the buildings were setup for easy traversal. You can say the demo was scripted by its design. But better platforming shall be seen in the game as players reach level 5. And capped skills will lead to more available shenanigans.

Finally, in a recent tweet developers confirmed aspects of the game that are subject to change. As many fans have no doubt been hoping, there will be a 4K build previewed later on.

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Furthermore, alongside the rest of the community, Austin voiced a strong desire to get Crackdown 1 and 2 on Backwards Compatibility. We may receive news on this during San Diego Comic-Con next week, where Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb will hold a panel alongside the Crackdown 3 team. It will include Senior Art Director Dave Johnson, Senior Narrative Designer Dave Mongan, Design Director Clint Bundrick, and Rukari Austin himself.

Remember to check back for more Crackdown 3 news as we approach its November 7 release.

Happy gaming.