Behold ‘The Chronicles of Nyanya,’ the Purrrfect RPG of Catastic Heroes

The World Is Your Litterbox, Thanks to Polish Creators

You start your day as an ordinary cat getting ready for a cat wedding, and what do you find? A catastrophe, that’s what. Presented by Fat Dog Games, The Chronicles of Nyanya is a full-fledged RPG that drops players into a world of cats, where you take on the role of cat assassin.

Chronicles of Nyanya

According to a press release, The Chronicles of Nyanya tells the story of a “seemingly ordinary cat” who suffers tragedy and must go on a mission to save the world. Even so, the story is infused with humor and plenty of cat puns to keep the dialogue flowing. And if you’ve been looking for an adventure in a world filled with cats, look no further.

The Chronicles of Nyana is co-authored by Ilona Myszkowska, comic artist and creator of You will find everything from a classic RPG within the game, along with nonlinear quests that can be solved with puzzles, talking, sneaking, or fights to the death. Perhaps even by tipping over objects

The Chronicles of Nyanya has yet to receive a release date but has already made it passed Steam Greenlight. And so far, it has received a pawsitive reception. Let us know your thoughts on the game. Does an RPG of cats sound like the game for you? Comment down below.