Castlevania’s Netflix Show Will Get a Second Season

No Word on Warren Ellis’ Return for Second Castlevania Season

Castlevania made its Netflix animated series debut earlier this week, and fans of the show will be excited to know that more Belmont action is on the way in an upcoming second season show. In a press release on the first season’s launch date, Wow! Unlimited Media’s Frederator Studios revealed that the second season will be coming to Netflix with twice the amount of episodes, bumping it from season one’s four-episode count to a more bingeable eight-episode run. The press release did not mention whether Warren Ellis will return for the second season as he’s currently working on an animated adaption of Assassin’s Creed as well.

The short first season made vampire hunter, Trevor Belmont, out to be a pretty cool character with Warren Ellis behind the show’s whip-smart writing. It even takes on a Game of Thrones-vibe at times as there are a lot more discussions of the different groups in the show’s world, but the dialogue feels engaging. It’s a low bar, but Castlevania on Netflix definitely succeeds as a video game series tie-in. The only slight tiff I have were the awkward flaps in the pilot episode and the relatively short amount of episodes. That said, the ending will certainly appease series fans even if you’ve only play Symphony of the Night.

Source: Press Release