Xcom 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Reveals Campaign with Reapers & Skirmishers

You Must Recruit Allies before You Can Use Special Units in ‘War of the Chosen’ Expansion

2K Games and Firaxis have revealed a new gameplay walkthrough for players of Xcom 2’s War of the Chosen. The massive expansion will add new enemies and allies, and today we’re getting a look at a mission with Skirmishers and Reapers. Moreover, we’re getting our first look at fighting ‘The Lost.’

Xcom 2

In Xcom 2, The Lost will function like zombies. Explosions trigger their swarms, but they are easy to kill. Because of their huge numbers, however, player have to be economical with their movements. The good news is that these enemies don’t carry weapons and don’t use cover. Making the most of head shots and prioritizing units is key.

What we don’t know is the extent of new mission’s involving The Lost. We know new alien units will pop up as part of the campaign, but we don’t know how many battles will take place in the decimated cities introduced in the expansion.

As we learned from previous videos, ‘The Chosen,’ Advent’s new elite units, will hunt down the player’s units throughout the campaign. With each battle comes a new surprise; therefore, the game may require more careful strategizing than before.

War of theChosen is a major expansion to the award-winning Xcom 2. It will release on August 29 for Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 29. Check back for more expansion details as we near the release date.

SOURCE: Press Release