Xbox One X Will Install Massive 4K Updates Regardless What Kind of TV You Own

Xbox One X Will Have Huge 4K Updates

There is no question, the Xbox One X is a beast of a machine. With the price confirmed at $499 at launch, the Xbox One X promises high-end 4K gaming but it appears the console isn’t the only thing that will come at a cost. The games themselves will consume a large amount of space. Forza Motorsport 7, for instance, will take up at least 100GB. Recently, Stevivor asked Microsoft for clarification on how their huge 4K downloads will work. It appears games that support Xbox One X will receive 4K patches, and resolution will be tied to your specific Xbox model. Standard Xbox One models will get 1080p assets and Xbox One X will get 4K assets.

Xbox One X console above

Microsoft reports the following:

“With the launch of Xbox One X, when it comes to game content our intention is to download the correct assets to the correct console. This means, regardless of the TV you are playing on, 4K assets will be downloaded to Xbox One X (if available) and the standard 1080p assets will be downloaded to an Xbox One S.”

Granted, most who pick up the new Xbox One console likely own a 4K TV but this is certainly annoying news for those who do not. Having users download 4K files, even if they don’t have a 4K TV, is a bit of a nuisance. That said, Microsoft promises they are working on features that will help Xbox One X developers keep their file sizes down. They further said:

“As part our developer readiness for Xbox One X, we have made available a feature which will give them significant flexibility when it comes to what gets installed on a user’s console. In addition to 4K specific assets, developers have options when it comes to language specific assets as well, which depending on the title, can drastically reduce the install footprint. This ability to intelligently install the best assets for each console and language are available on all Xbox One devices, and it will be up to the developer of the game to determine the specific implementation.”

Xbox One X arrives on November 7.