Writer behind Mass Effect 1 & 2 Working on BioWare’s Anthem

Another Great Sci-Fi Story in the Works?

After BioWare revealed Anthem at E3 2017, fans of the company proved cautiously optimistic. Addressing the elephant in the room, the BioWare team working on Anthem is completely separate from the team that worked on Mass Effect: Andromeda. Furthermore, they’re the team that worked on the original Mass Effect trilogy. Today, we learned that the lead writer for Mass Effect 1 and 2, Drew Karpyshyn, has returned to write for the project.


Karpyshyn is a BioWare veteran who spent 12 years at the company. Aside from serving as Lead Writer for Mass Effect 1 and 2, he helped deliver Baldur’s Gate 2. After leaving in 2012, he came back to work on Star Wars: The Old Republic in 2015. His latest project was a mystery until now.

Since Karpyshin is involved, this may give fans a big boost of confidence for the new IP. We know BioWare’s technical prowess when it comes to creating Sci-fi RPGs. Combine that with their greatest storyteller, then we could be looking at something very special. To this day, many fans hold that Mass Effect 2 was the best game in the series. Therefore, Karpyshin’s return is very welcome and gives Anthem a strong credit boost.

As of yet, we haven’t learned any major details about Anthem’s story. We did, however, get a trailer showing design and co-op gameplay. Going forward, we expect plenty of new information on the story, combat, and customization. For now, are your thoughts? Are you happy that Mass Effect’s writer returned for Anthem? Let us know in the comments below.