There’s Totally Not Too Much QTE in Spider-Man

Insomniac Twitter Account Responds To the High Amount of QTE Shown in Spider-Man at E3 2017

The newest Spider-Man game was shown off this year at E3, looking hot to death. There was web-slinging, fast-paced combat, crazy acrobatics and good old QTE. While everyone has made their peace with quick-time events, it still felt like there was a lot of them in that short little Spider-Man demo. Insomniac was kind enough to address the situation on their official Twitter account.

Spiderman PS4 QTE

According to Insomniac, the footage shown at E3 was “a set-piece blockbuster moment.” In other words, the company chose the sexiest looking chunk of gameplay they could, in order to build the hype to its optimal levels. Beyond this isolated slice of Spider-Man, the rest of the gameplay is allegedly focused on “combat and traversal.”

That’s good news, right? After all, we don’t want a Spider-Man experience or a Spider-Man movie. We want a game. Quick-time events are great for building the cinematic atmosphere of a game, but they end up taking away from the challenge. We’ve still got some time before Insomniac is finished with this newest Spider-Man game, so it’s going to be a while before we can confirm just how much QTE is incoming. Hopefully these ‘blockbuster moments’ are paced appropriately.