Eight Minutes of Glorious Spiderman PS4 Gameplay from Sony E3

Spiderman Swings into Action and Takes Center Stage at Sony’s E3 Press Conference

Exactly this time last year, we got a great E3 reveal in the form of Spiderman for PS4. And just as fans were hoping, we got a little more up close and personal with the teenaged web-slinger. Out of all the previews we saw at Sony E3, this was the longest. witness 8 minutes of unadulterated gameplay below:

We got a bit of stealth, a bit of high-flying action and, of course, some terrible one-liners. But it’s not Spiderman without the mix of humor and criminal beatdowns. The gameplay demo gives us a little bit of everything, offering stealth and fast-paced combat–melee combos utilizing web action, as well as boss fights.

With Spiderman, the possibilities are endless. Although, it’s unclear whether the game will be open world or semi-open world. Since it’s the mobile web-slinger we’re talking about, it’s hard to imagine anything less.

Finally, in case you missed it, we got a tease with Miles Morales at the very end of the cinematic showcase. Miles Morales, as many fans will note, is another character who dons the Spiderman persona in Marvel Comics. Is this a tease by Insomniac Studios? Time will tell if it bears any significance.

Spiderman PlayStation 2017

While this was a great gameplay demo, we hope to go a little further in-depth with the game in the future. Spiderman PS4 arrives at some point in 2018 and will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 hardware. Until then and beyond, be sure to check back for more of the latest news.

Happy gaming.