Spencer Delivers on Promise of Sea of Thieves Gameplay Footage

Sea of Thieves Gameplay Lives with a Scotsman Narrating These Harrowing Tales

Phil Spencer wanted everyone to know the launch titles are ready to go, and now’s the big day for Spency-Baby. Rare’s Shared-world adventure Sea of Thieves got an exclusive look at never-before-seen Sea of Thieves gameplay footage, narrated by the most charming Scotsman! The game has a look in the style of the cartoon-y Team Fortress 2, but this game is very elaborate. Players have to solve cryptic riddles to get those loot chests. But be careful, there’s plenty of baddies guarding those chests.

Flint-lock pistols, sabres, and swashbuckling are your tools of destruction, and you will need your party to work together to get the loot from the island to your ship. Perils await as you solve these cryptic riddles, and your team has to strategize on how to get the loot and get out alive.

sea of thieves gameplay

But the it doesn’t end there – you’ll have to cruise your ship through the perilous waters to get back to your outpost and battle other ships on the high seas in beautiful Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag style encounters. The focus is definitely on “team play”, so we’ll see how successful this game is when you’re playing with a screaming ten-year-old who doesn’t understand the concept of “coordination” through Xbox Live.

Looks like Spencer kept his promise; Sea of Thieves is alive and well, and looks like a fun, unique environment to loot some chests.