Plus-Sized Cosplay Model Absolutely Nails Mei from Blizzard’s Overwatch

Overwatch Mei in Fullest Glory

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Cosplay is an old art form. When done well, you can say it’s timeless. And timeless is exactly what we have with this latest Overwatch Mei cosplay. On top of being on point, it is absolutely stunning and sexy, which is why you have to see it for yourselves.

Overwatch Loot Box Game Overwatch Mei overwatch anniversary event

Mariah Mallad is a plus-sized model and professional cosplayer. While she has done various cosplay in the past, we found her latest to be incredibly noteworthy. This time, she’s filling the role of Mei from Overwatch. And she’s filling it like no other artist.

Overwatch Mei Cosplay

Unlike our previous articles on cosplay, Mallad represents our first plus-sized addition. You’ll note, especially in her latest swimsuit Mei, that she’s thick and manages to work the character like few can. As a matter of fact, you might say such curves don’t come along frequently enough in the cosplay world.

Along with her bombshell version of Mei, Mallad’s past projects include Samus Aran from Metroid and Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates. There are much more to speak of, and you can be sure we’ll be paying attention to her future work. For now, you can bask in the freezing cutie of Overwatch, or as some competitive players call her, ‘The Devil.’

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  • japananimenews

    not really sadly :/

  • Celso Sepúlveda


    • Chris Hunter

      It’s not good to talk about yourself like that.

  • not Jaime Lannister

    I’ve seen better… a lot better Maybe Mario is a chubby chaser.

  • Akantia Solaris

    Momo is a wonderful Mei!

  • Chris Hunter

    Guys like chubby girls cause they are girls and they are hot. They are a lot more fun than skinny girls too.

  • Chris Hunter

    If you think this is a Chubby chaser thing, i have some bad news for you. You like boys.

  • Robocorg

    FYI she did not make that swim suit. If you’re going to spend the entire article jerking it over her, at least give credit to the person that made it – Castle Corsetry!/CastleCorsetry/

  • Both Spoon Makes and Henchwench have had far better Mei cosplays. Not just in comparison to Momo’s swimsuit and tanktop ‘versions’ of Mei, but in comparison to the full costume she did, they both leave her in the dust when it comes to detail.

    • COGconnected

      We haven’t seen either of those! Have you got links to share?