Phil Spencer Pushes Xbox One X Release in Japan – “I Will Never Give up on Japan”

Phil Spencer Pushes Xbox One X Release in Japan, Supporting the Overseas Gaming Community Regardless of Previous Sales – “I Will Never Give up on Japan”

Regardless of the teetering Xbox One sales in Japan, as Phil Spencer pushes Xbox One X sales overseas, he expresses his determination to not give up on the gaming community. After only pushing a total of 80.062 units in Japan as of last week, the slumbering sales of the Xbox One gave way to the possibility of Xbox keeping their new products from the Japanese market entirely, however, Phil Spencer reassures gamers that this is not the case. Spencer, Head of Microsoft Xbox Division, gave his promise that the country will receive shipments of the Xbox One X in his recent interview with the Japanese magazine, Weekly Famitsu.

Xbox One X Phil Spencer pushes Xbox One X

Spencer states that the exact release dates for the Xbox One X for specific markets will be coming at a later date, but it will go on sale in most regions on November 7th. The overall goal is to keep the launches for specific countries as close as possible to the same date. Although Spencer is well aware that the Japanese market is not the best for Xbox and its products, he understands that the country has a very dedicated and passionate gaming community, and made a solid promise – “I Will Never Give Up on Japan”

On another note, Spencer also recognized the renaissance in the Japanese development community, and wants to continue with Xbox’s efforts in supporting the platform for Japanese fans. He would also like for game fans and developers alike to continue to provide feedback, in determination to sculpt the product for more inclusive gameplay experiences worldwide.

We can tell Xbox is making somewhat of a push for inclusiveness in their titles from the overseas development studios, with JRPG titles such as Final Fantasy XV and Code Vein will be launching with enhancements to support gameplay on the Xbox One X, bringing a variety of Japanese games on the powerful Xbox One X and possibly encouraging and boosting sales all-around.