New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Shown At Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour in LA

More Kingdom Hearts III News Next Month at D23 Expo As Well

Who’d guess that one of the biggest announcements for E3 2017’s first day would happen outside of the convention? Yes, doubters and believers, Kingdom Hearts III debuted a new gameplay trailer that runs close to three minutes. This anticipated trailer was shown by Square Enix during its Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour in Los Angeles tonight to the ecstatic delight of those attending the concert.

Kingdom Hearts III
First off, the Kingdom Hearts III trailer is comprised of entirely in-game footage. It begins with Sora skydiving into a Hercules-looking Greek world before going into plunging into an attack. No cuts here, as that sequence was all in-game. We even get a good look at one of the game’s boss encounters as Sora scales up a mountain to face one of Hercules’ titans. There’s also some more story beats revealed, but why don’t you have a look at the Disney-Square goodness yourself in the trailer below.

The trailer closes out with a hopeful message for fans who have been eagerly awaiting the game: a new world and new trailer will be shown at D23 Expo 2017 on July 15th. While there’s no release date here, it was a surprising maneuver that definitely spread a lot of goodwill tonight.

Now, that’s what I’d call a fairy tale ending for E3 2017’s first night.