Need for Speed Payback Goes Fast & Furious in E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer

High Octane Vin Diesel Shenanigans in Need for Speed Payback

EA just revealed a gameplay trailer for its upcoming Need for Speed Payback in its E3 2017 conference today. The gameplay trailer reveals a truck heist sequence that is very reminiscent of the Fast & Furious series, complete with a Mustang muscle car too. The trailer also shows off how that the heist mechanic plays out as the car catches up to the truck eventually before a cinematic plays out. Along the way, there are plenty of close shaves and crashed cars too.

Need for Speed Payback
Here’s an official description of the video:

“The crew (Tyler, Jess and Mac) have learned that The House are transporting a car equipped with a new piece of technology that may be a key component in bringing them down. This calls for one thing: acquire the car, get hold of the tech and dent The House’s plans. The Highway Heist is one of the set piece moments that takes place within *Need for Speed *Payback’s single player campaign which follows the story of Tyler, Jess and Mac as they set out to bring down The House. ”

Need for Speed Payback will be released this November 10 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.