BioWare’s Reveals New ‘Anthem’ Gameplay – Possible Destiny Killer?

New Multiplayer Gameplay for Anthem Showcases Combat and the Open World

Yesterday, BioWare gave us a simple tease of what was to come with their new IP. During Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2017, we got an in-depth look at what the gameplay has in store. Not only is it a beautiful title, but it looks fun as hell.


In the new video, we got a look at story and action. Players will take to the wilderness in special exosuits called “Javelins.” Of the two showcased, there was the colossus and the Ranger. And according to Game Director Jon Warner, each has its own playstyle.

Things really take off, however, when the exploration starts. Exploration alone looks to be incredibly engaging within the vast open world; the game lets you utilize suits to drift and fly seamlessly through the environment. And the environment looks downright stunning. The game’s aesthetic bears a resemblance to Horizon: Zero Dawn, except players are a little more unhinged thanks to the abilities of their Javelins.

Afterward, the combat gameplay looks absolutely thrilling in co-op. On top of advanced weapons, we received a brief glimpse of the player’s suit-based arsenal. They include devastating firepower such as the mortar and homing missiles. Apparently, each can be customized.

Even thought it was revealed during Microsoft’s press conference, we suspect Anthem will be a multiplatform release. So far, the game like it could be the next great multiplayer title since Destiny. It all depends on what we see from the game later on.

But what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. Do you think Anthem could be the Destiny killer?