Former GameTrailers, IGN, and GameSpot Staff Launch What’s Good Games

With a Patreon Campaign Too

Earlier today, four video game media industry vets launched, What’s Good Games, a new show that features the talents of Andrea Rene, Alexa Ray Corriea, Brittney Brombacher, and Kristine Steimer. Many of these names will be familiar as you may have heard them from speaking on various gaming podcasts, performing at PAX wrestling events, sharing a Thunderbolt Fantasy GIF, or streaming too. Between them all, the four have an impressive 35 years of working in the games industry and will no doubt leverage that savvy to continue covering the industry in their new venture together.

What's Good Games
Image Credit: What’s Good Games

To start, they will be launching a weekly podcast that will cover games industry news and other geeky news too. I reached out to them and learned that the podcast will run about 90 minutes. The first of these podcasts for What’s Good Games will debut this Friday.┬áBesides that, they are also running a Patreon campaign to crowdfund this new adventure too. While that weekly podcast will be free to anyone, Patreon supporters can look forward to exclusive streams and other goodies too. They’re committed to that weekly podcast but are hoping to use the crowdsourcing funds to cover production costs and add more content in the future.

Already hitting their first Patreon goal, they’re just about to crack the $3K mark. As a fan of their work and wit, I hope this joint effort goes far for these four friends.