Star Citizen Passes 150 Million Dollar Crowdfunding Milestone

As Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen Passes 150 Million Dollar Crowdfunding Milestone, the New Ship AEGIS Eclipse Makes Its Debut

As Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen passes 150 million dollar crowdfunding milestone, the new ship AEGIS Eclipse makes its debut as the game’s first stealth bomber! All 1,811,620 backers at the time of this publication have contributed to the game’s immense amounts of progress.

Star Citizen Passes 150 Million Dollar Crowdfunding Milestone

The ship will be on sale until June 2nd for $275, and the war bond version will be placed at $250. After the sale, they’ll jump back up to $335 and $305. And, yes, that’s real money, giving fans the opportunity to crowdfund the project while in development. After launch, they’ll be available for in-game currency.

Are you hungry for more knowledge about the tactful new stealth bomber? We’ve got all the juicy details on it below, including the ship’s background story and concept.

Project Eclipse
Armed with multiple torpedoes and state-of-the-art scan diffusing technology, the Aegis Eclipse has been the UEE’s best, and least known, protection. It is the Navy’s top choice in border defense and a preferred first-strike weapon against the Vanduul. Now, in an effort to increase transparency with the Xi’an, the Eclipse is declassified and available for purchase by Citizens.

Achieving Stealth
In 2930, the UEE Navy was in need of a more advanced stealth bomber to use specifically in defensive operations against the Vanduul. Military casualties were mounting in cases of direct combat with Vanduul capital ships. The Navy needed a ship that could strike quickly before the enemy detected their presence or soften up strategic targets in anticipation of a larger attack.
Aegis Dynamics won that bid. The arrowing design, massive firepower, and cutting-edge clandestine technology of their design easily surpassed the competition. The Eclipse’s advanced hull system is adaptable to environments thanks to multiple wing configurations that adjust to space or atmospheric flight.
After years of extensive field tests, the Aegis Eclipse went into service in 2932. Since then, the Eclipse has served as the unseen sentinel of our borders. Now, it is time to recognize the Eclipse’s many years of service.

Are you one of the nearly 2 million gamers that donated to the Star Citizen project? Let us know your thoughts about the game and the new ship in the comments below!





  • The application of Hard Science, attention to detail and focus on creating a viable universe is daunting…Star Citizen WILL reach this level of game play. As a supporter for 2 years, it will be worth the wait. Our engagement with direct access to the developers and writers is unprecedented in the Gaming industry.

  • Joe_Blober

    And all this from a company of 12 guys at end of Nov. 2012 with 6 M$… indeed not a surprise with Chris Roberts and his team of nearly 428 guys pushing the limit every month! Great project going to provide space gamers a gorgeous new WIng Commander experience (Squadron 42) together with an MMO (Star Citizen).

  • Tufao

    They don’t have neither 1.8 million backers nor progress. The game-as-described and promissed is less than 0.5% complete and there is no indication/tech yet to support it. This project and company is adept of deceptive marketing and false advertising. Whatever they say or show that is not in your computer could be a lie, just for the show.
    They usually achieve more money from the handas of a few whales. This JPEG sale, for example, was a prove of that. Around 2000 whales have been sustaining this for years now. The rest of the backers, possibly less than 500k, are just disappointed or abandoned this project. If you decide to pledge now, believing in their words, you are a fool.

  • Joe_Blober

    For Readers. Tufao here below posting comment, also known as “Manze” is a “broken soul”
    … with an hater agenda since he was banned from CIG 4 years ago. The first banned in history of CIG! for being toxic against CIG staff and Community, behond any reasonnable level. The guy even have his own “Manze – Encyclopedia Dramatica” on internet 🙂

    Since then, him and a few guys rush on every single SC article to spread their Prophecies of Doom 🙂 So be prepared to see also a few other well known trolls poping out anytime soon 🙂

    Now back to the main topic. CIG the company developing those two connected AAA: Squadron 42 and Star Citizen.

    By end of 2017 it will be 5 years of development and slow team growth. Amazing job done so far. SQ42 Chapter 1 (solo) is expected by mid-2018 but an official schedule release will be provided later this year.

    So for new comers, this is like tomorrow. I am an early backer and proud to be able to follow a company starting from scratch to what they now deliver!

    Star Citizen (MMO) receive bigger patch every quarter or so. Expect Beta end of 2018, currently in Alpha.
    Great project with a great team and +600.000 backers.

    Here is a Diff for latest 3.0 Production Schedule Report update on Star Citizen (MMO) planned to be released end of June/July to selected backers for thorough tests (guys named Evocati) before being available to all backers a couple weeks after :

    Talk about transparency and being Pro 🙂

    Here a link to latest ATV (Around The Verse) a weekly show of CIG progress in various area:

    I recommend to readers to check latest ATV’s which bring never seen insight as CIG is providing more details since most of their tech pipelines are running at full speed.

    Like this one 2 week ago:


    Enjoy the journey and keep your interest up on this never seen crowfunded project PC gamers have ever had a chance to join!

    Some key dates and numbers:

    – Employees count:

    Nov. 2012 end of Kickstarter: Chris Roberts and around 10 people 🙂
    2013: 48 (Austin: 34 – LA: 14)
    2014: 161 (Austin: 55 – LA: 38 – Manchester: 68)
    2015: 258 (Austin: 57 – LA: 41 – Manchester: 132 – Frankfurt: 28)
    2016: 363 (Austin: 54 – LA: 64 – Manchester: 191 – Frankfurt: 54)
    2017: 428 (April)

    – Pledges chart:
    Nov. 2012 end of Kickstarter: goal was 2M$. They got 6M$…
    2012: 7M$
    2013: 35M$
    2014: 68M$
    2015: 104M$
    2016: 140M$
    2017: 150M$ (May)

    – Citizens count (not the Backers count which is estimated to +600.000 individual)
    2012: 103.000
    2013: 340.000
    2014: 705.000
    2015: 1.150.000
    2016: 1.700.000
    2017: 1.811.000 (May)