Slay or be Slain in new Action-RPG Enoch: Downfall

Souls inspired Action-RPG Enoch: Downfall headed to PC this Fall

There is something much more satisfying about having to slay a powerful enemy rather than conquering a horde, and it looks like we have one more game on the way that hits that sweet spot of slay or be slain.

Unwhale Studio’s announced the release of their upcoming roguelite action-RPG Enoch: Downfall. The game follows traditional roguelite gameplay as players take control of a lone hero and travel through a variety of colorful and mesmerizing fantasy locations, combating your enemies in classic Souls-series style duels.

Following the highly popular and challenging Souls gameplay, Enoch: Downfall will see players take on challenging opponents of various skills and strategies. The gameplay trailer makes it seem slightly more forgiving than the well known brutality of Souls and is focused on creating a balance of achievement and reward as opposed to simply having a higher difficulty.

Slay in Enoch Downfall

Enoch: Downfall is set in the ancient ruined city of Enoch, where 2000 years ago a cataclismic event caused the destruction of the city, leaving its inhabitants as twisted shells of their former selves. Players will take on the role of the lone hero who has been sleeping for a millennium on the outskirts of the destruction. The plot itself might not be original, but the game is shaping up to be a great experience for newcomers not yet ready to take on Souls. Enoch: Downfall will feature a large variety of weapons, each with their own playstyles and attack patterns, artifacts to boost stats or unlock new abilities, environmental traps you can set for your enemies, unlockable characters, and an array of powerful offensive magic including summoning a storm of raining fireballs.

With no official release date set in stone, what we do know is that it will hit PC’s sometime this Fall. For more information on Enoch: Downfall, check out the official website.

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Source: Press Release