Rumour: Kingdom Hearts III Coming Next Year

Rumours Say Kingdom Hearts III Will Be at E3 Next Month

It feels like it’s been a hundred years since we’ve gotten anything concrete about Kingdom Hearts III. There’s been a teaser or two, and maybe a couple of screenshots, but nothing like a release date. Well, rumour has it the game is coming out next year. This is much sooner than the previous estimated release date of just before the sun burns out.

Kingdom Hearts III

While the sources aren’t exactly solid gold, there are two of them so far, and that’s a plus. Both sources suggest that cuts will be made if necessary in order to meet their 2018 deadline. Apparently the newest trailer was supposed to come out last month before it got pushed to E3.

With only a month left until E3, we won’t have long to wait for more concrete info, if these rumours are accurate. One would assume that, after the decade-spanning endeavor that was Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix would be loathe to let another title languish in development for too long. There are no details available regarding what cuts would be made to make their deadline, though such a wide window gives them ample opportunity to avoid such drastic measures. We’ll keep you in the know with all the Kingdom Hearts news as it arrives, here at COGconnected.