To Celebrate Its 25th Anniversary, Reservoir Dogs Launches Bloody Game on Steam

In Celebration of the Quentin Tarantino Cult Classic Film’s 25 Anniversary, Reservoir Dogs Launches Bloody Game on Steam

Big Star Games and Lionsgate get together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the cult classic Quentin Tarantino film in style. To commemorate the event, Reservoir Dogs launches bloody game on Steam full of top-down action-strategy shooter goodness.

reservoir dogs launches bloody game

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days combines the tension of the film with an innovative “Time Rewind” gameplay mechanic, which allows players to toy with time just like Tarantino, getting gamers lost in iconic points of the movie itself and adding many immersive layers. As you rewind time, you must guide each Reservoir Dog through highly tactical gameplay, aligning strategies, saving allies, and conducting complex maneuvers to create a bloody trail of enemies as you complete your heists.

Players will be able to control six infamous characters, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, and Mr. White, each with their own passive abilities. However, you’ll have no health packs and a limited supply of ammo along the way, so plans will need to be executed with tact and grace to make it out of all 18 levels alive.

You can grab a copy for $14.99 for both Windows PC and Mac directly through Steam and Twitch Games Commerce. Unfortunately, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days hasn’t made its way to consoles yet, but you can expect it to be arriving for home platforms later this year.

SOURCE: Press Release