Overwatch Gets Game Of The Year Edition and Will Have a Free Weekend Too

There Will Also Be an Overwatch Anniversary Event Beginning Later This Month

Since launching last year, Blizzard’s massively popular hero shooter, Overwatch, has had several updates including new battle maps, characters, and a slew of limited-time events to keep its huge number of players returning. This year, the game is looking to turn one in a big way this year with couple exciting announcements for the community.

Overwatch Mei

Firstly, Blizzard is releasing a digital “Game of the Year Edition” of Overwatch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, which will include the base game, the various “origin” skins that were originally included in the “Origins Edition” version of Overwatch and 10 free loot boxes. On top of that, this new edition will also have a cool feature that will make any Blizzard fan happy as it unlocks Overwatch-themed in-game items in Diablo III, World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, and Heroes of the Storm.

Secondly, Overwatch will be free to play later this month from May 26th through May 29th on all three platforms. For those looking to jump into the game, you can play for free by signing up on their website over here. If you buy the game after the weekend ends, you’ll be able to retain any levels or loot earned so far. This free play will give you the full roster of heroes and maps in select modes like Quick Play, Custom Games, and the current Weekly Brawl.

To get everyone even more hyped about the anniversary, Blizzard has put together a lovely video celebrating the game’s triumphant past year by going over its new characters, events, and community tournaments too.

Lastly, players can also look forward to a special one-year anniversary event from May 23rd to June 12th as well. We’ll probably hear more concrete details about the event as the date draws closer.