Man’s Life Literally Saved from a Gun Shot Thanks to Elder Scrolls

If There’s Anything worth Trading Elder Scrolls for, a Life Would Fit the Bill

Here’s an odd and nice little miracle tale to brighten up your day. While the background to this story is pretty ambiguous and part of an ongoing investigation, the fact of the matter is that one man was literally saved by Elder Scrolls. But not just any Elder Scrolls game, it was The Elder Scrolls Anthology.

Skyrim Special Edition Top Screen

The man in question, imgur user velorok, was casually gaming at his desk when a loud pop and shattered glass distracted him from his Prey session. After a cloud of drywall began enveloping the room, he looked to his left to find this.

Yep. That’s a bullet hole. Velorok was shot at. Fortunately for him though, his Elder Scrolls Anthology absorbed it. It penetrated and apparently stopped within the case. When he then checked the contents of his prized possession, he noticed the damage irreversibly done. So far, it’s unclear where exactly the bullet came from.

As you can see, the result was his life at the cost of Morrowind. While it’s never easy to lose something with such sentimental value, we’re pretty sure velorok prefers having his life. Just imagine if he never took the time to express his fandom by purchasing that anthology.

Bethesda has since contacted velorok, so maybe there’s a pretty sweet deal coming his way. They already succeeded in saving him with their product; who knows what they might offer next.

What are your thoughts on this peculiar story? Comment down below. You can read up more on this case at velorok’s imgur. The bullet is currently in the hands of law enforcement, serving as evidence. Hopefully, they get to the bottom of this.

If any more news comes our way, we’ll keep you updated. The same can be said about any new interesting gaming bits and revelations. Stay safe out there.