Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII to Arrive within Next Three Years

And It Better Not Be More Than Three

It is no surprise that Square Enix has a lot of games under their belt. The publisher/developer is constantly working on and outsourcing games to keep fans happy. That said, they also take their time with projects. This is completely evident when it comes to their Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III.

Dragon Quest Final Fantasy

When going over their briefing for the last fiscal year, Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda commented on the financial performance of their games. After doing so, he comented that both Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII would release in the next three years. Thus, we can expect both titles by 2020. That said, we are likely to see Kingdom Hearts III arrive before FFVII; the title has been in development since before 2013, after all.

However, Kingdom Hearts III will be arriving with some content cuts to avoid delays. While it’s never encouraging to hear that, it doesn’t necessarily mean the gameplay experience will be spoiled. As for Final Fantasy VII, Matsuda doesn’t say whether the full game will arrive in 3 years or the first installment. Remember, Square Enix intends to release the game in an episodic series. Unfortunately, the details remain sketchy.

Neither game has a release date yet, but rumors indicate we could see Kingdom Hearts III at E3 2017. Which will be very soon, if true. A trailer may be shown. And, considering the game’s years of development, we should expect something.

You can check back for more news as it comes our way. We’ll certainly have more of the latest from Square Enix and current projects.

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