Everspace Prepares for Launch on Xbox One and PC

Indie Developer Rockfish Announces Everspace Launch with New Trailer

Strap in and fire it up, Everspace is preparing to launch in just a few short days!

The highly anticipated space-combat experience has been in various stages of development with both alpha and beta access but the final product is almost ready. Indie developer ROCKFISH made the announcement today that Everspace will finally be released as of May 26th digitally, as well as hardcopies across Europe. Alongside the announcement was this stunning trailer:

Everspace stands to set itself apart as a rogue-like shooter, offering players third and first person perspectives in space as well as a fully functional cockpit display. The instruments of the cockpit will give additional information to pilot’s such as weak points in their targets, and with the option to turn the standard HUD off, its possible for gamers to play entirely relying on the instruments in front of them.

EVERSPACE prepares for launch

ROCKFISH has been listening to their fans throughout the alpha and beta processes, tweaking and refining the game up until launch and the fan base has been ecstatic about the changes made to the game. Everspace will not be featuring any microtransactions and while there is no plans for DLC at this time, they are offering the “Lifetime Season Pass” which will give players access to any and all DLC that may launch as well as whatever sequels may come from Everspace in the future. That is a huge promise to deliver on, especially when considering the already hugely favorable views on the game – at least one sequel seems inevitable.

Everspace is shaping up to be an absolutely breathtaking shooter and flight sim, with its release set for May 26th on Xbox One, PC, Windows Store, and GOG.com. For more information on Everspace, check out the official website.

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