Uber Driver Called out by Gamer Who Spots a NES Classic Edition Installed in the Backseat

Gamer Proudly Shows off Pics of Their Uber Driver with a NES Classic Edition Installed in the Backseat of Their Car

One lucky gamer got the Uber ride of their life the other day when they stepped into their rideshare vehicle to find a NES Classic Edition installed into the backseat headrest of the car. Of course, they had to share pics of possibly one of the best Uber rides of all times with their fellow nerds, so Reddit got the up close and personal look at their driver’s sweet setup.

NES Classic Edition installed

User okdiv posted the above picture, showing off the recently discontinued retro Nintendo console revamp alongside a tip box, for whoever wants to fork over some real-life coins for the impromptu game session.

Jealous? Yeah, us too. If only a ridesharing service would add the ability to select which console you could include installed in your vehicle as a feature, then long trips in strangers vehicles could be turned into an insanely fun experience. It’s unknown which city this driver resides in, so if this happens to you, live in the moment.

The ill-fated NES Classic is getting completely discontinued this month, but rumor has it that there might be a mini SNES release arising just in time for this year’s holiday season. Nothing has been totally confirmed about the production of a new retro-themed console from Nintendo, but all hope is not lost for gamers hoping to still be able to get their hands on a classic-compatible device.