Pokemon The Series: Sun and Moon Newest Season Is On Its Way To The USA

Pokemon The Series: Sun and Moon Is Finally On Its Way

The latest season of the Pokemon The Series: Sun and Moon is set to premier in the USA on Friday May 12th! The news comes direct from the Pokemon website, who stated that the show will be coming to those of us in the USA via Disney XD, and it will be a two episode special affair. Check out the trailer below!

The third episode will then follow up the next day on May 13th and will then be followed by a special airing of Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. The new series stars everybody’s favorite poke duo, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, and their friends on their new adventures in the Alola region from the Sun and Moon games.

Volcanion Pokemon Sun and Moon editorialOf course, plaguing the heroes is the ever villainous Team Rocket. How they managed to get to the Alola or have yet to be fired is anyone’s guess, but they are here! The team will also be facing new evil doers Team Skull.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

The series already launched in Japan, in perfect time to coincide with the release of the games, but thanks Disney XD the full series of Pokemon The Series: Sun and Moon will be airing in the USA. Disney XD signed a multi-year distribution deal, this means we will be getting up to the 20th season of series and next movie. It will also be airing all 19 prior seasons and 15 movies.